How To Select Best Laptop For AutoCAD | Full Guide

In this article, we are going to disclose some features regarding to best laptop for AutoCAD, What AutoCAD is, user interface of an AutoCAD, e.t.c..

Best laptop for AutoCAD

Before selecting laptop for graphic designs which will require the use of AutoCAD, the below headings will be kept in mind of the buyer.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a graphic designing program which uses technical vectors to create 2D and 3D plannings. By AutoCAD, designers can make from sketches to construct drawings.

Generally, AutoCAD is a necessary software in construction. But because of its size, not all laptop can run smoothly with AutoCAD



What Features Make The Best Laptop For AutoCAD?

Looking at the best laptop for construction work and so on that AutoCAD is best suit for, we mainly study the interior part of the laptop, that’s the hardware. Frequently asked questions often relate to RAM, storage, and screen display. Other features like design, size, or touch screen, are the second priority.

The top priority is the hardware because it decides whether the laptop can perform the niche work, for example, AutoCAD or 3D Max designing.



Features Of The Best Laptop For AutoCAD Work

Quad-core processor: It determines the speed of processing, opening files, or performing programs. Similar to the CPU in desktops, processors in laptops are the center of the whole machine.

For software like AutoCAD, we recommend using multi-cores. Why? Because regular cores can handle Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, pdf kind of nicely but they are slow to render AutoCAD documents. Processing your files are much smoother with multi-cores.

Specifically, we suggest users sticking around Intel quad-core i5 (8th Generation) or i7.  For i7 core, you might consider 7th or 8th Generation. 8Th is the best but also the most expensive

RAM: It is also one of the specifications which guarantee a laptop’s performance. The larger the RAM is, the better the computer will perform.

We reckon that 8GB and 16GB are the two most popular options for AutoCAD work. 16GB is better. But if you are practicing the first jobs of AutoCAD, 8GB is enough.

Graphics card and Storage

The card is not necessary because AutoCAD will not take up much space. But it’s a good investment because the extensive storage can support the devices to work faster.

Speaking of storage, we recommend SSD for laptops of AutoCAD because this card allows us to read faster.


AutoCAD requires users to see and analyze many images, shapes, and colors. Therefore, having an HD display will help you become excel at the job.

The size of the screen is also one of the considerations. Let’s buy one with a medium screen which you can carry around, but it’s large enough to show everything clearly.

AutoCAD interface


Which heavy duty laptops for AutoCAD?

If you are considering a computer that can handle a lot of AutoCAD work in a day, we would recommend some gaming laptop, such as Acer, Asus, or Dell.

From our assessment, most gaming laptops are equipped with a reliable processor – Intel core i7 of 8th Gen. This processor, as mentioned earlier, is the best to keep the machine running  AutoCAD smoothly.

Besides, for long hours of working on AutoCAD program, we also recommend you to look for further features such as:

The cooling system

The laptop operating during the whole day will overheat for sure. If you have accessories like a radiator or cooling fan at home, the problem might be solved.

However, we cannot bring all the kit around, like for a business trip.

Therefore, considering your heavy job, you should find a laptop with an interior cooling system. This is an extra protector that you can get.

The battery life

Battery life is also essential feature of a best laptop for AutoCAD. The longer the battery life is, the less you might worry about low battery and losing files.

The sturdiness

It means both inside and outside of the machine. We recommend a high- quality frame and powerful storage and processor.

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